How to Inquire About a Job Opening Email

How to Inquire About a Job Opening Email

Job boards aren’t the only place to look for job opportunities. Many companies are now using their websites, social media, and other online resources to recruit new talent. If you’re interested in working for a certain employer but don’t know if they’re hiring for a position suitable for you, consider sending the company a letter to inquire about job opportunities.

You’ve been job hunting for ages, but you’ve finally found the perfect job opening. You have the right experience and you’re really interested in working for the company. You now need to get your resume/CV in front of the right person so that they consider you for this open position.

A lot of job applications are sent via email, even those posted on recruitment sites and job boards. At the same time, hiring managers and human resources departments are bombarded with job seeker's emails on a daily basis. To ensure your email gets noticed, you need to grab their attention immediately.

With this in mind, use our top tips to send a job inquiry email that greatly increases the chance of getting a response.

What is a job inquiry?

A job inquiry is a letter sent to a company that may be hiring but hasn’t advertised its job openings. A well-written and compelling job inquiry letter can help you gain the attention of an employer who isn’t actively recruiting.

An inquiry for a job opportunity is also sometimes called an inquiry cover letter because it’s similar to a cover letter in terms of content and structure. The main difference is that it’s sent uninvited or in a form of a cold email to an employer. When you learn how to compose a great cover letter, you can greatly increase your chances of getting called for an interview.

Are you looking for a job but struggling to find decent job openings in your field? Don’t be upset. You don’t need to postpone it. Consider a more efficient, prospective approach and send out job inquiry emails.

Whether you’re asking about the potential for a job to come open, or trying to find out details about a posting that’s already listed, professional communication is the key to making an impressive inquiry. If you don’t have a personal contact, when you reach out, connect with the department manager or director, or go straight to human resources. The company website directory will give you a good indication of the appropriate person to pose your inquiry to.

Cold Calling

Cold calling simply means you’re contacting someone without specific advanced knowledge or information, hoping for a positive response. You might use this technique when you’re launching your job search or looking for a position in a specific business. In this instance, you’re calling or emailing, introducing yourself, and asking about any potential or near-future opening you might be qualified for.

Start by reviewing the company’s website. This should provide you with plenty of information. Its social media presence will also provide you with the most recent news. It should also give you an even greater insight into its corporate culture.

You may even want to look into current employees that work for there by looking at their LinkedIn profiles. These will provide insight into what qualities the company looks for in its staff and whether you would be a good fit.

Even if the organization isn't hiring, you might be able to capture someone's attention for future reference if you submit a well-written inquiry letter. Knowing what to say and what not to say in the letter can be critical to your success.

What to Say

Tell the company that you're interested in and why explaining what it is about the organization that caught your attention.

Summarize your skills, education, and experience, and mention how they could help the company.

Ask for an interview and let the reader know you'll follow up within a certain period of time.

What Not to Say

Stick to the highlights and leave the details for the resume included with your letter.

Don't embellish and run the risk you'll be tripped up by not-quite-accurate facts when you're questioned during an interview.

Don't act like you are desperate—present yourself like you're giving the company an opportunity to speak with you before you look elsewhere.

Why you should write a job inquiry email

Some job-seekers use such emails (also known as letters of interest) to look for potential employment opportunities. Within this email, you can add your resume, explain your qualifications, and express your interest in working with the organization.

Sometimes, companies are hiring but haven’t advertised job openings. If they aren’t, you still have a good chance to get a job. During a period of no hiring, they are more likely to see your resume. If they like it, they’ll keep it on file for future positions or even invite you to join the team right away.

However, to get any real benefit from this approach, you will need to learn the proper way to craft job email introduction letters. To do this you must discover how to write an inquiry email.

Fortunately, we have some great tips and a job inquiry mail sample you can follow to learn how to inquire about a job via email. And before writing your letter, you should also consider finding the right person to contact.

Like any other emails you’re sending as part of your job search, an inquiry letter should be short and to the point. This is especially important if you’re sending a cold email to someone you don’t know personally, you’re asking them for a favor, so try not to take up too much of their time. Keep it Professional

Tips on how to write a job inquiry email

1: Do research beforehand: Even if you send a job email to a company you know well, it’s highly recommended to research them further. First, you should find the name of your hiring manager. Ideally, you should know a few important professional facts or their interests to draw their attention to your candidacy. For instance, while looking through a hiring manager’s social media, you may discover that you have a mutual interest in yoga or share a common hometown. Mention that within your job email of interest, and you will get a better chance of getting feedback.

2: Start with a draft: While inquiring about a job by email, take it seriously and professionally. Write multiple drafts, read your email aloud, and edit it thoroughly.

3: Use a clear subject line: The email subject line for the job application is the first thing hiring managers will see when they receive your job inquiry email. If a subject is well-written, it can drive a recipient to open your email and review your resume. If your email subject for job inquiry is not clear, chances are the recipient will ignore your letter.

4: Add proper salutation: Just like with any other business email, you need to know how to inquire about a job. Include an appropriate salutation at the beginning.

5: Use proper language: Before hitting “Send,” remember that you’re approaching a company as a professional that may represent them someday. That’s why your language should be professional, polite, and not too informal.

You should also know how to end a job email. Use “Best regards” instead of “Cheers.”

6: Make it clear and short: Don’t try to squeeze everything into one email. After all, you have a resume. Certain companies even ask job applicants to pitch their cases in a specific number of characters. So, learn how to write concisely, yet find the right words to sell your skills.

Consider adding a compelling call to action at the end or in the middle of your letter of interest. This can be a request for an interview or a meeting to discuss a potential employment opportunity.

7: Be thankful: Saying “Thank you” is an excellent way to increase the chances of your email being answered and one of the most natural methods to become a happy person. You may say: “Thank you for your help,” “Thank you for your time,” or “I appreciated the opportunity to…”

What you can include in an inquiry email for a job

Your resume

Send your resume with more detailed information about your skills and experience. Keep in mind that some hiring managers don’t like attachments. So, consider providing a link or include it with your email signature.

Your cover letters

We send job inquiry emails to companies that may be intending to hire, but they haven’t formally advertised their jobs. And we write cover letters when we apply for positions that have been posted. When writing your job inquiry letter, you can use the practices that apply to cover letters. If you are a freelancer, you can use proposal templates to provide a whole host of important information straight off the bat. It’s your opportunity to explain who you are, demonstrate your skills and experience, provide case studies and testimonials, outline your payment terms, and (crucially) guide your prospect through the solution you’re proposing.

Your email signatures

Make sure you also add a professional email signature at the end of your email. This way, you can present your name, contact data, and a link to a resume or portfolio professionally. Plus, you can place a call to action on your signature to make it more noticeable.

Job inquiry email template structure

Job inquiry email subject



Body of email

Closing statement

The end with the email signature

Create relationships with employees of other firms. When we build relationships, we literally unlock the doors. Consider this, if someone sees you as a friend (or even mutual friend), they will naturally be open to/excited about helping you get connected to new career opportunities.

Following a Lead or Following Up on an Application

Sometimes you get the inside scoop on a job, like a referral from a friend or colleague about a role that isn’t yet posted. In this instance, fast action is a must to get a leg up on the competition.

Once you’ve applied for or interviewed for a job, the waiting begins. After a week, it’s appropriate to reach out to your contact to inquire about the status of the position Be patient while following up and remain professional and friendly in all correspondence.

While you don't want to be a pest, a confident attitude and a forthright approach can help you demonstrate your genuine interest in a job opportunity.

After sending the general email to request job opportunities from your network, send specific emails to individuals in your inner circle and potential employers you would like to join. Unlike the general email, personalize this one based on your relationship with the recipient.

Use this opportunity to ask for specific requests, such as referrals, general advice, interviews, meetings, and other favors that can increase your chances of getting your ideal job. Potential recipients for this email are your former bosses, people at your dream company, and mentors.

When you know Inquire About a Job Opening and follow the best practices of writing job inquiry, you increase your chances of landing your dream job faster. In this article, you will learn how to write a job inquiry, how to end an inquiry professionally, what to include with it, and other essential things.

Sending a job inquiry letter is an excellent way to introduce yourself to an employer and establish a connection. Since it is an unsolicited email, it shows that you have a genuine interest in the organization and makes you a more desirable candidate once they have some open positions. You can also use inquiry emails as an opportunity to schedule a meeting to discuss where you might fit even if there are no job openings in this company. That's why is critical to know how to write an email inquiring about a job.

When inquiring about a job, writing and sending a professional job seeker's email is a great way to land your dream job. As this is a cold email and the hiring manager will have never spoken to you before, you need to make the best first impression possible

we hope this serves as a good reminder that there are a lot of ways to make strong connections that can help in your goal of inquiring about a job. Get creative, connect carefully and kindly, be genuine, and don’t be afraid to humbly ask for help!

All the very Best!!

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