Most Popular Career Goals That Guarantee Success 2022

Most Popular Career Goals That Guarantee Success 2022

Most Popular Career Goals That Guarantee Success 2022

It's the New Year, where you probably feel optimistic and excited for the year ahead. 2022 is finally here! After the ups and downs of 2021, everyone is looking forward to what the New Year has in store. We are sure that most of you readers must have decided on your New Year resolutions

A new year has rolled around, and most make resolutions to either lose weight, work out more, or spend more time with loved ones. Great goals, really. But perhaps it’s also time to take a closer look at your career, whether you’re currently employed, or transitioning between roles and job-seeking right now.

Don't let this year's resolutions be empty promises to yourself.

We wondered what would be some unique career resolutions for 2022 and found many answers, the best of which are here in this blog. Read on to find out main interesting career resolutions for the year 2022 that will help you get your work affairs in order and give you an insight into the future.

1. Precontemplation

At this point, you haven’t even started to consider making a change. You’re happy with the way things are, or at least comfortable enough that you’re not interested in the effort change would take.

2. Contemplation

In the second stage, you start thinking about what it would take to change. You might identify what’s standing in the way, or go back and forth about whether change is worth it.

3. Preparation

During preparation, you begin to educate yourself and start “flirting” with change. You might buy a book, read blogs, or research professional support (for example, coaches, doctors, or classes).

4. Action

Action is what it sounds like taking concrete, intentional steps in line with the change you want to make. Interestingly enough, this is where most unsuccessful changes start. Without spending enough time in the previous stages, resolutions fail. People tend to lack the foundation needed to maintain the new behavior.

5. Maintenance

In stage five, you learn how to continue your behavior for the long haul. As the new change takes root, people develop confidence in their ability to continue the new behavior and resist temptation.

6. Termination or Relapse

The original model called the sixth stage termination, which is when the new behavior is solidified and there’s no desire to return to the previous state. The habit is easier to maintain than it is to break. In relapse, however, people “fall off the wagon,” so to speak. They can re-establish the new behavior as long as they don’t get discouraged by the temporary setback.

According to this model, the most important phase is everything that leads up to taking action. If you have a solid plan for moving forward, anchored by intrinsic motivation to change, you’re likely to be successful.

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