L6 - RCM Chief Operating Officer

Job Overview

Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
1 month ago

Job Description

The COO role holds a key stake in the senior management team, reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer. You will have to maintain control of diverse business operations, so we expect you to be an experienced and efficient leader. Should also exhibit and have excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics. To serve as the resident expert and "go to" person for all coding, billing and collections processes and making recommendations for actions to be adhered with meticulous supervision and analyzing of reports.

What We Expect
Minimum 7+ years in RCM key account management and Sales or related experience in the custom RCM development field, having led teams.
An understanding of RCM & IT trends, especially regarding the US market.
Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and verbal/written communication skills
Ambition and ability to take full advantage of growth opportunities that emerge from working closely with the top leadership team. Potential to go to the next level in a reasonably quick timeframe.
Curiosity, wanting to know how everything works, even outside of your direct responsibilities. The capacity to quickly integrate with other functions inside our organization.
Experience in Ancillary operations is a plus.
A strong sense of personal responsibility and accountability.
Strategic thinking and great management skills.
Proven track record of working under high volume, fast-paced environment, across multiple service lines

A Chief Operating Officer’s Ideal Day At WWS
Prime Responsibility. Build a system or process that will help the team understand clients’ dreams and aspirations to ensure alignment of their business goals with S&F’s internal objectives. To put it simply, facilitate and nurture a mutually beneficial partnership between the client and us .Lead initiatives to develop innovative approaches to streamline existing processes, reorganize work, implement modern technologies, and improve resource utilization, with a focus on best cost methods.
Forecast and Oversee. Oversee the entire workflow process of the pre-billing operations of the organization.Regulatory compliance and auditing practices.Command of business principles, rules, and regulations affecting the processing of revenue cycle management. Ability to plan and execute consolidation of business operations (in the event of the Company’s acquisition of new businesses, plan and coordinate the evaluation, documentation, and potential consolidation of billing functions of newly acquired entities).

Monitor and Deploy. Build the team and enable their professional and personal growth. Unlock the team’s motivation mechanisms to achieve organizational goals and truly contribute to the action.Ensure the expansion of the S&F client pool according to our ICP. Meet our intangible targets, as well as meet the financial target or assigned annual revenue.
Supervised Supervision. Generate reports (on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis) to ensure the visibility of the team, processes, and results. Provide a clear direction for the company growth to top leadership. Make data-driven decisions for Biz Dev strategies.
Motivation. Inspire and motivate teams to achieve the highest level of production and qualityUnderstand, distill, and communicate issues, challenges, and solutions across departmental and divisional boundaries.Lead inter- and intra-departmental teams in complex projects.

What You Can Expect
Full-time, salaried position creamed with welfare programs.
Working with the best talent in the industry.
Conducive intangible environment with dynamic benefits.
Why Consider a Chief Operating Officer Career With WWS?

With a very appealing work environment at WWS, our setting made it easier to build relationships with other staff members and clients. You may also have an opportunity to learn other aspects of medical office work on the job, which can enhance your experience and qualifications.

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