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Inspire Global Solutions, Agrahara Circle, Agrahara, Fort Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka, India
Job Type
Full Time
₹15,000 - ₹25,000 Per Month
Date Posted
2 months ago

Job Description

JOB BRIEFTo enhance our brand's presence on LinkedIn by crafting compelling content, engaging withour audience, and strategically managing our LinkedIn profile to drive interactions andbusiness growth.PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY1. Content Creation: Develop and execute a content strategy tailored to our target audienceon LinkedIn, including writing posts, articles, and engaging visuals that resonate with ouraudience and reflect our brand's voice.2. Engagement: Dedicate at least 45 minutes daily to engaging with clients, responding tocomments, and fostering a community around our brand on LinkedIn.3. Connection Management: Send personalized connection requests and messages toexpand our network with relevant professionals, clients, and industry leaders.4. Analysis and Reporting: Monitor the performance of our LinkedIn content, analyzingengagement rates, follower growth, and the effectiveness of different content types andstrategies. Provide regular reports to the team with insights and recommendations forimprovement.5. Innovation: Continuously explore new trends on LinkedIn, incorporating innovativecontent ideas and formats to keep our audience engaged and attract new followers.6. Professional Development: Stay updated with LinkedIn features, content best practices,and industry trends to enhance our brand's presence and effectiveness on the platform.7. Cold Outreach Prospects: Cold Outreach our client’s ideal client profile/target audienceand help them generate leads through LinkedIn (you’ll be trained in this).EDUCATIONNone is required as long as you have good writing and speaking skills; nothing else matters.But you’ll be given a writing test, and your communication skills will be evaluated beforejoining.EXPERIENCEAny experience in content writing would be beneficial.SKILLS- LinkedIn- Communication- Understanding of AI ToolsFUTURE SCOPE OF WORKThis is a challenging role, and there is immense opportunity for growth within a few months,provided the work meets our expectations. Please only consider this role if you’re seriousabout it and if you’re willing to work for the long term. If you want to experiment, you’rewelcome, but you’ll be signing a contract. If you have the intention of learning and leaving,we would suggest you skip applying.We’re very serious about this role since we’re working with Founders and CEOs of techcompanies, and everything has to be according to their preferences.This role also presents an opportunity to build your own brand on LinkedIn with theassistance and resources provided here.

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