Helper job in Mysore

Job Overview

Inspire Global Solutions (IGS), Agrahara Circle, Agrahara, Fort Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka, India
Job Type
Full Time
₹15,000 - ₹18,000 Per Month
Date Posted
10 months ago

Job Description

  • Attach pulleys and blocks to fix overhead structures such as beams, etc.
  • Operate power nail guns, paint sprayers, ladders, power washers, drive company truck.
  • Clean areas that harbore pests, using rakes, brooms, shovels and mops, preparatory to fumigating.
  • Operate winches and hoisting devices.
  • Perform tack welding as necessary.
  • Install EMT and new wire throughout structure.
  • Operate cranes, pneumatic hammers and tampers.
  • Construct formwork to pour and set concrete.
  • Monitor and maintain the organization's website.
  • Assist in roofing, debris removal, and demolition.
  • Job are at BP chemical plant in Hugar SC.
  • Test and troubleshoot existing systems in need of maintenance or repair
  • Start hoisting device that raises refuse bin attach to rear of truck.
  • Use a forklift, overhead crane or chain fall to lift and move larger pieces of equipment.
  • Used signals working with the crane operator and crew members engage with moving loads to ensure safety of members and materials.
  • Store material, fix pallets of material if unsafe or stack incorrectly, consolidate and down stack material.
  • Complete visual inspections of assemble products and place them in totes, stacking totes on pallets for transport.
  • Help operator rig up and down on well head to run tools down well.
  • Learned how to rig heavy materials off of moving vehicles to the ground safely.
  • Support carpenters by setting up wood to be paint, stack wood and help install scaffolding.
  • Assist contracted carpenters in the safe and efficient construction of scaffolding for the use of plant personnel.
  • Cover roof with roofing feel, asphalt strips, or other materials.
  • Help maintain an outdoor soccer complex, including mowing lawns, sprinkler repairs, setting up soccer fields, cleaning public facilities
  • Spread a mixture of cement, lime, sand and water with a trowel onto surface.

Contact: 96 208 27 227

Send Resume to hr @ inspireglobalsolution . com


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