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Some Tips to Keep Your Job Search Active during the Covid-19


Some Tips to Keep Your Job Search Active during the Covid-19

We can notice that how the Covid -19 impacted the overall economic activity across the globe.

As per our inspections, this year hiring activities has dropped more than 40 % as compared to the same period last year. Industries like Hotel, Travel, Aviation, and Retail have been impacted the most during this time.

So, if you were actively looking out for a job some time back, we understand your challenge!

So this situation we will provide some usable tips to keep your job search going.

  • Update your resume
  • Focus on professional development
  • Up skill & stay relevant for recruiter
  • Keep searching for relevant jobs
  • Don’t wait for the High Expectation Salary

Don’t sit back with the thought that no recruiter is hiring now.

There might be some companies who are still hiring and you have to search and apply to them.

Therefore, keep your job search on and apply to as many relevant jobs as possible.

Hope these quick tips will help you to pace up your job search and keep you motivated to up skill for new job search challenges.

All the best for you career! Keep searching for a relevant JOB! Don’t Give Up!

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