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Coordinate biomedical research programs to identify complex clinical questions, pain points, and opportunities in the development of novel, clinical applications. In close coordination with Research Analysts, Chief Medical Officer, and Product Management teams, provide expertise during research collaborations and research sales, performing research and analysis for publications and patenting of new technologies. Develop internal management systems for research collaborations and research sales. Prototype and develop various modules of BostonGene’s proprietary technologies. Liaise, develop research collaborations and research sales projects, and manage collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders across the United States and internationally such as the National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, Washington University in St. Louis, and Mater Medicine Australia. Generate a comprehensive analysis for product development and validating this with various key stakeholders. Perform project management and analytics during implementation of the new BostonGene product lineage, Tumor Imaging Test, including controlling design and prototyping tasks, controlling task execution within teams, providing feedback assessment, managing product requirements, and building relationships with customers. Provide analytics and related guidance for clinical trials and scientific collaborations in the U.S. Provide guidance to U.S. team with lab operations, specifically in tumor tissue analysis using proprietary MxIF technology. Spearhead product adaptation, customization and tailoring to address specific needs of key business users including medical professionals and hospital staff. Develop quality control and quality assurance methods. Provide leadership and troubleshooting expertise to laboratory technical personnel in key functional areas. Develop and maintain analytical documentation on BostonGene’s proprietary products.
Travel to unanticipated clients and other office locations approximately 5% is required.
Three (3) years of experience in the job offered or a related position. Experience must include demonstrable knowledge of: prototyping and developing various modules of biotechnology products; developing quality control and quality assurance methods; AI-based segmentation algorithms, cell types, and cellto-cell interactions; OncoKB; COSMIC; Mastermind; ClinVar; Cancer Hotspots; Cbioportal; Uniprot; Genecards; HGNC; Ensemble;; management of research projects; presenting research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and scientific conferences; cell culturing, statistics, qPCR, UV-spectroscopy, CD-spectroscopy, transfection; transduction, and cloning; biotechnology; molecular biology; immunology; immunotherapy methods and treatments; cancer immunotherapy; methods of oncology; NGS technology; RNA sequencing; DNA sequencing; statistics and machine learning methods; GEO; IMMPORT; Cytobank; TCGA; ICGC; CGI; NCCN Guidelines; bioinformatics algorithms; Biomarkers Database; Drugs Database, and; Tumor Database.
Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Oncology, or a related field

Please copy and paste your resume in the email body do not send attachments, we cannot open them and email them at candidates at with reference #652251 in the subject line.
Thank you.

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