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Ahmedabad Gujarat
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Full Time
Date Posted
2 months ago

Job Description

Core Skills & Competencies


·        Team Leading is very important for growth. Being able to lead a team of Software developers, Software testing engineers

·        Ability and openness to hire, train & nurture new incoming batch of recruits with varied academic backgrounds & core focus, and help & mentor them to merge with the team of Multispan

·        Proficient in tools like Compilers like IAR, Keil, Code Composer Essential, Eclipse IDE., AVR Cross-studio etc. Static & Dynamic Code analysis tools like LDRA & Code Sonar.


·        Expertise in understanding low input signals: analog and digital from field, 3 Phase power & energy parameters measurement principles and device software algorithm logic


·        Microprocessor & Microcontroller based system design and Embedded Software Development. Have good knowledge of embedded C, Assembly programming.


·        Digital Signal Processing Techniques. Worked on areas like metrology for energy meters, Digital filter design, low signal amplification with ADC for microcontroller

·        Hands on experience with hardware and software debugging tools like DSO, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Debuggers and Protocol Analyzers


·        Being able to have open mind, have ability to gain & share  knowledge with team members regarding new embedded software technologies & new developments in electronic design, Interface Software application development   

·        Software development –Industrial Automation instruments, 3 phase devices, Protection Relays, Industrial IOT in Automation & Control products, Refrigeration



 Roles and Responsibilities


·        Lead & guide software engineers to get the product developed from conceptualization of working logic as per inputs from Sales-Application team members

·        Define new product requirements, new micro-controller selections keeping in mind future technologies


·        Coordinating the complete technology development of Industrial automation instruments in process and electrical industry

·        Exploring, understanding and feasibility of existing technologies in embedded domain

·        Study feasibility of System architecture, design and implementation

·         Test accuracy of new micro-controller units based on kits and in team work with hardware team

·        Active participation and guidance in Analog and Digital circuit designing

·        Reviewing all validation reports, analyzing and solving bugs/ design shortcomings

·        Data analysis and embedded software development for metrology proving.

·        Following Quality Processes during the entire research and development cycle

·        Work on detailed design, implementing the design and develop algorithmic logic  meeting application requirements, manufacturability, testing, user-friendliness  

·        Leading team for engineers for embedded software & web development for IOT

·         Guide team members for solving software errors and help them launch products on time in industry with timely inputs from application field engineers to improvise the software working logic for utmost accuracy

·        People management, assigning roles & responsibilities & reviewing progress

·        Team Appraisals & reviewing career development plan / action

·        Help hardware team select peripheral ICs like multi-plexers and ADC enhancements techniques

·        Collaborate with Sales & marketing team for future product roadmap, system solution and services.

·        Explore application requirement, user scenarios including end users, installation and commissioning team.

·        Participate in competitive benchmarking. Robust designing of product with best fit to the application.


·        Integrate RF modules like Zigbee, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, GSM and interface with MCUs Stay abreast with latest compliance in CE safety tests, EMI-EMC compliance tests. 

·        Stay in touch market events and stay on top of the market launches of new micro-controller launches & semi-conductor industry, IIOT segment & Integrated circuits.

·        Lead functional and project team and mentor newly joined staff in Software department,  

·        Co-work with HR Department for Technical team recruitment by conducting interviews.


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