Advantages and Tips for Attending A Jobs Fair 2019

Advantages and Tips for Attending A Job Fair
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Advantages and Tips for Attending A Jobs Fair 2019

Attending a JOBS Fair is advantages for both Employers and Jobseekers !

Many employers have a presence at job fairs to increase brand awareness, but also to save time in the screening process. Job fairs offer an opportunity for employers to conduct initial screenings on potential candidates on the spot.

Employers have an idea of what they are looking for in a candidate for each job opening, so anyone who appears to make the cut can be interviewed to advance the process along right then and there.

Jobs seekers who come prepared will strike up opportunities quickly, so here are five things you MUST do before attending a job fair .

Jobs Plan and Preparation

There can be hundreds of companies to talk to at each jobs fair, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the time to reach out to all of them. Research ahead of time which ones you want to get to so you make the most of your time there.

When you know your targets, you can also start to customize your materials. It’ll help to look at the company’s website so you see what job openings they have and the requirements for each position.

This information can help you tailor your materials and what you communicate when you meet with the individuals at the job fair.

jobs Plan to approach the Employer

Job fairs are great for networking it’s not about simply dropping off the resume. You want to start conversation with the right contacts. It’s very Important to get the next step for getting the JOB so candidate should be plan to approach the Employer .

If there is an employer you desire to work with, but they are not recruiting for the job you want, it’s important to still go over and talk to them. You never know when things may suddenly open up.

The contacts there may also direct you to information in regards to who’s leading the department you want to work in so that you can make follow-up with that individual directly.

The key is to engage in conversation. Ask insightful questions! Be someone they will remember at the end of the day or use it as an opportunity to open the door to more conversation.Jobs

Jobs Interview dress code

On-the-spot interviews happen at job fairs, so come dressed the part and be ready with copies of your resume in hand. As you introduce yourself, be mindful of your body language, including your handshake, eye contact, facial expression, and voice.

Employers take notice of job candidates who exhibit a smile and enthusiasm. They want to see a candidate with a strong desire to work with them, not someone who’s simply swinging by randomly. Some may also screen your interest level by asking typical interview questions like What do you know about us and Why do you want to work for us So, be prepared!

Follow up

Like a job interview, you should plan to send a follow-up note to the contacts you meet. It’s a chance to help keep you top of mind and it gives you a chance to reiterate why you have what they are looking for.

Before ending each conversation, be sure to collect business cards from the people you speak with and take good notes so you know how best to personalize the follow up note. Approached the right way, job fairs can open many conversations and doors to job opportunities.

If you follow these tips you’ll be well-prepared for any job fair and you’ll definitely stick out from the crowd!

Advantages and Tips for Attending A Jobs Fair

Advantages and Tips for Attending A Jobs Fair

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